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Safety Law News for March 19, 2019

March 20, 2019

• In Georgia, the Muscogee County School Board voted unanimously to hire a School Security Police Chief to implement changes on how school security employees handle crisis situations.

• In Maryland, Baltimore lawmakers killed a proposal that would have allowed city school police officers to carry guns while patrolling in schools.  Under current law, Baltimore’s school police officers are allowed to carry their guns while patrolling outside schools before and after class hours. But they are required to store their weapons in a secure location during the school day.  The Governor criticized the lawmakers.

• In New Jersey, the Governor has signed S-86, legislation that expands the categories of those who are eligible to provide security at schools.  Under the provisions of the law, a person is eligible to be appointed as a Class Three special law enforcement officer if he is a retired police officer less than 65 years old and has served as a municipal or county police officer or was regularly employed as a full-time member of the State Police.

• In Virginia, the General Assembly passed HB 2609 and SB 1130.  Both bills, if signed by the Governor, would change training for School Resource Officers.  The legislation would mandate that school-based law enforcement officers receive training from the Department of Criminal Justice Services.

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