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Safety Law News for February 1, 2019

February 2, 2019

  • In Tennessee, officials in Cheatham County schools say vaping and e-cigarettes are a growing problem. 65 citations have been issued so far this school year, up from 20 citations last school year. Officials fear that many of the students are becoming addicted to nicotine.  Officials in other states have similar concerns. In Brevard County Florida, the number of students suspended for tobacco possession has nearly tripled. 

  • In Oregon, the Portland Public School Board has backed out of an agreement with the City of Portland to continue the school resource officer program. The Board unanimously adopted a resolution suspending the approval of an intergovernmental agreement the district approved in December.  

  • In Maryland, the school board of Baltimore City Public Schools, again unanimously voted its opposition to arming its school resource officers. Police officers are allowed to carry their service weapons while patrolling the exterior of schools before and after school hours. But they are required to lock up their weapons during the school day. 

  • In California, the United States District Court refused to dismiss a liability lawsuit for harassment under Title IX brought by parents whose children were assaulted by a middle-school student who had a known history of sexually inappropriate behavioral issues. The court ruled that there was no doubt that the school was on notice and acted with deliberate indifference by allowing the bully to remain in school, without taking any remedial action. (J.R. by and Through Ringer v. Lakeport Unified School District)

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