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Safety Law News for November 8, 2018

November 10, 2018

  • In Wisconsin, officials in Racine sent a letter to parents and guardians to warn about the severe repercussions of directing threats about the schools on social media. The letter promises to investigate any ominous messages thoroughly and describes the range of sanctions as including suspension, expulsion and possible felony charges. This effort mirrors the attention that school districts in Ohio and Washington State are giving to the issue of school-directed threats. 

  • In Tennessee, officials in Lenoir City are proposing a tax to increase school safety. If approved, the nearly $2 million would help buy metal detectors, alarms and security access. Long term, the tax permanently funds more school resource officers, counselors and behavioral specialists. 

  • In New Jersey, officials in Union County plan to hire retired law enforcement officers to provide school security at the high school, the two middle schools and the largest elementary school. The agreement between the Linden Board of Education and the Linden City Council will establish a Special Law Enforcement Officer Class III program. It is based on state law that authorizes the redeployment of retired officers. 

  • In Georgia, the Fulton County Schools Safety Committee submitted its recommendations to the school board. The committee advised the board to hire 16 additional school police officers and create an online mental health resource center.

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