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Safety Law News for November 1, 2018

November 2, 2018

  • In North Carolina, officials at the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction announced that it would require around $688 million more in state funding to hire enough additional nurses, social workers, counselors, psychologists and school resource officers to reach nationally recommended levels to increase school safety. 

  • In Indiana, Portage High School students have signed a petition asking school officials to return Portage police officers as school resource officers. Recently, school officials cut ties with Portage police and began using part-time officers from Porter County and other jurisdictions as SROs.  Students say they want the Portage officers rehired because of the relationships students had formed with them during their tenure at the high school. 

  • In Florida, school officials are refusing to arm faculty and staff members under the Stoneman Douglas High School Public Safety Act .  $67 million was to be used solely for what the law calls “school guardians.”  But $58 million remains unspent.  The Governor and the legislature disagree on whether to divert the funds to provide sworn resource officers. 

  • In Georgia, the Court of Appeals of Georgia held that a high school student, who was called by the school principal to the principal's office, was not in custody when he admitted to a school resource officer that he choked another student.  The court reasoned that Miranda warnings were not required. (State v. Daniell)

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