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Safety Law News For August 1, 2018

August 2, 2018

  • In a new national report on school quality and safety, WalletHub ranks all 50 states.  School safety — 20 percent of the score — was based on incidents of armed students, bullying, and laws that mandate school resource officers.  In the “safety” category, Massachusetts ranks number 1.  Arkansas ranks number 50. 

  • In Wyoming, officials in Casper announced a plan to increase the number of officers in schools.  Once the plan has been fully instituted, the number of cops working in schools will roughly match that of a typical Casper patrol unit and may necessitate a change to the department’s command structure. 

  • In Alabama, the State School Superintendent sent a memo to all district superintendents outlining the requirements for arming school administrators.  If a local board of education wants to arm an administrator, they will need to purchase the gun, the specially-designed vest the administrator will have to wear when using the gun, and the biometric safe the gun has to be stored on a school's campus. 

  • In Florida, Marion County Public Schools approved a new policy to nearly triple the number of school resource officers.  The district plans to place 56 school resource officers on campus beginning next month. That’s up from 18 last year.  The change will cost just under $4 million.

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