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Safety Law News for May 31, 2018

June 1, 2018

  • In Florida, the District Court of Appeal of Florida, Second District held that a judge abused his discretion when it granted a student’s motion to dismiss an on-campus marijuana possession violation based upon judge’s perspective of the most suitable way to address juvenile's circumstances.  The court held that despite the judge’s belief that dismissal was in best interest of public and parties, the state attorney makes the final determination to prosecute.  (State v. A.J.) 

  • In Alabama, the Governor has created the Alabama Sentry Program that authorizes school administrators in Alabama to maintain a firearm on campus if their school does not have school-based law enforcement.  It is a voluntary program that will require that the administrator complete training through the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency. 

  • In North Carolina, Senate Bill 756,  the School Security Act of 2018 has been introduced in the legislature.  If enacted, teachers would be authorized to become undercover school resource officers. Each teacher would be required to undergo basic police training and would be sworn officers with guns in the classroom. 

  • In Michigan, House Bill 6066 and House Bill 6067, have been introduced in the legislature.  If enacted, teachers would be allowed to carry Tasers, self-defense sprays and foams.  In order to carry a Taser, a teacher would have to obtain a concealed pistol license and undergo training.

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