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School Safety News, May 29, 2019.

In Connecticut, the United States District Court held that an educator does not become an agent of police when he telephones local police, informs them about a threatening e-mail, and thereafter responds to police inquiries by giving them information about suspected students.  The police investigation resulted in removing a suspected student from a school bus, arresting and detaining him for about an hour, and then releasing him, without further charge or action against him.  (Thais Ortolaza v. Capitol Region Education Council) In New York, the Supreme Court, Appellate Division held that an assault on a student by a second student was an unforeseeable act for which school district could not be held liable.  The assault occurred while the two students were in the classroom, during start of class, during which the injured student walked by the second student and called him “fat,” and while classroom teacher was standing in hallway ushering other students into classroom or conversing with another teacher.  (Meyer v. Magalios) In South Carolina, school resource officers will receive active shooter vests  that will stop a bullet from a high-powered rifle.  The vests are being donated by US Patriot Tactical, a company specializing in military and law enforcement gear and equipment. Active shooter incidents tend not to involve a pistol or revolver but rather a high-powered rifle. In Colorado, the Douglas County commissioners voted to allocate $10 million toward improving school security and mental health at the Douglas County School District.  The votes come three weeks after one student was killed and another eight were injured in a shooting at STEM School Highlands Ranch. 

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