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Safety Law News for October 12, 2018

In Virginia, the school safety task force for the Chesterfield County Public Schools has proposed placing officers in all schools in the county, increasing funding for mental health staff, and the distribution of annual transparency reports from both police and the school system. 

In Idaho and Ohio, the Idaho Office of School Safety and the Ohio Department of Education have received federal grants to develop a technological reporting system to help monitor and assess threats and improve school safety.  The resources will include a confidential statewide tip line featuring downloadable apps and a web portal. Florida officials are launching their version of this technology in the Fortify Florida app.  The state legislature created the app as part of the Stoneman Douglas Act.  It is an anonymous way to alert the Florida Department of Law Enforcement about possible school threats. 

In Colorado, the Jefferson County Public Schools’ community safety and security task force has proposed recommendations with the goal of moving from a reactive to proactive response when it comes to the safety and security of students and staff.  Its recommendations include increased mental health supports, more school security personnel, and better training for school staff. 

In Texas, the Texas Education Agency, the Texas Department of Public Safety, and the Texas School Safety Center are asking the Legislature for more than $200 million during the next two-year budget to improve school safety and mental health services for students.

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