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Safety Law News for May 22, 2018

In Colorado, officials in the Denver Public Schools are exploring a new policy of creating an in-house school district police department.  Under the plan, the goal is to select and train armed police officers with power to arrest students, but in a manner consistent with district restorative justice policy, thereby relying less on outside police and ending the school-to-jail pipeline. 

The U.S. House of Representatives passed legislation that seeks to collect data on the number of school resource officers nationwide.  House Resolution 5242, also known as the School Resource Officer Assessment Act, heads to the Senate for consideration. It will require the attorney general and the secretary of education to collect information on how many resource officers are in the nation’s 95,230 public schools. 

In North Carolina, the Criminal Justice Education and Training Standards Commission voted to require all school resource officers to complete training authored by the North Carolina Justice Academy.  The new policy is in response to a request by the State Attorney General mandatory training to improve school safety. 

In New York, the Warren County Supervisors approved a new policy that will place a school resource officer in each school.  Each school district will collaborate with the County Sheriff’s Office for selection, training, and supervision of the officers. 

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