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Safety Law News for September 30, 2017

by Bernie James • September 30, 2017

In Tennessee, officials in Wilson County are experiencing an increase in teen drug use. While most are from repeat offenders, the trend is causing educators and school resource officers to be more attentive. In Dickson County, officials are looking to the D.A.R.E. program as a primary resource.

In South Carolina, it has been one year since 14-year-old Jesse Osborne drove to the school and shot two students and a teacher. Local and state officials continue to debate, without agreement, new state policies to keep schools safe.

In Arizona, this school year over 500 public school teachers have fled the classroom, according to the Arizona School Personnel Administrators Association. Of those, 90 flat-out abandoned the job, leaving their keys in the classroom and notifying administrators they wouldn’t be back the next day. A general lack of respect for the profession is one reason given. Another theme is school discipline, i.e., coping with nearly a third of the class coming in late because there are no consequence for tardiness.

In North Carolina, officials are discussing how to close a loophole in the law that prohibits registered sex offenders from being on school property.

In New Jersey, the Board of Education in Berkeley Heights has approved an agreement with the Berkeley Heights Police Department that will place a Class III Special Law Enforcement Officer into the school district. Class III officers must be a retired police officer who has previously served in law enforcement.

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