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School Safety Law News

In Tennessee, state prosecutors say the failure of principals, counselors and teachers to report suspected abuse to proper authorities has become an epidemic. State law mandates any adult with a suspicion or direct knowledge of child abuse must report it immediately to either child services or the police. Not doing so is a misdemeanor and could mean jail time.

The Ohio Court of Appeals ruled that a school could discipline a student for his off-campus speech. The student participated in a message group that posed a threat to the school. The school's emergency removal, suspension, and expulsion did not violate the student's Due Process or First Amendment rights. [N.Z. v. Madison Board of Education]

The United States District Court ruled that school officials did not discriminate against a student, neither by race nor religion, by imposing a three-day suspension after he brought to school a homemade contraption containing wires and batteries that made a beeping sound. [Mohamed for A.M. v. Irving Independent School District]

The Ohio Supreme Court ruled that the policy that requires school officials to search unattended book bags is valid. A bus driver found a book bag, gave it to an SRO, who gave it to the school principal. Upon emptying the bag, bullets were discovered. A subsequent search of the student turned up a handgun. [State v. Polk]

​School Safety Law News – August 23, 2017​​

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