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School Safety Law News

In California, Salinas City Council member Tony Villegas speaks to the necessity of the local school resource officer program. “In my opinion, I believe a lot of [opponents] have been fed misinformation or don't understand exactly what the city is trying to accomplish.” The Salinas Union School Board unanimously voted against a school resource officer program with the Salinas Police Department.

In Minnesota, the Minneapolis School Board agreed to continue the school resource officer program in its schools. All board members except one voted for a new contract for school resource officers. The Superintendent said, “I continue to feel like we are heading the right direction for our students and staff.”

In South Carolina, the school resource officers in Spartanburg are learning more about autism spectrum disorders, how to best communicate with students with autism and what tone and instructions work best for those students.

In Louisiana, teachers and administrators in Bastrop are asking whether the current policy strong enough for teachers to feel protected.

School Safety Law News – August 9, 2017​​ Bernard James Professor of Constitutional and Education Law Pepperdine University School of Law Blog: Twitter: 

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