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IASRO Mission Statement

The Iowa Association of School Resource Officers' (IASRO) mission is to assist in the training, development, and sustainment of those law enforcement officers charged with prevention, detection, and investigation of crimes upon school premises.

The IASRO supports the multi-disciplinary team approach and, in support of its mission, includes and engages persons as organization members from various professions including, but not restricted to:  law enforcement, education, social services, mental health, and law.

Today's school environment represents rapid changes both in areas of technology and risks.  As an organization, the IASRO seeks to minimize the impact of criminal influence and to prevent the commission of criminal acts by sharing pertinent information among its membership in a timely manner.

The IASRO serves as the foundation of a network of school resource officers and representatives of all agencies whose mission is to enhance the security and safety of Iowa schools, students, and faculty.  The IASRO goal is to provide a strong leadership role through resources, training, and information.

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